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Shimano/TRP 4 Piston Bike Park Pads

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High-quality aftermarket replacements for your brakes.

Bike Park pads are a proprietary compound comprised of Kevlar, Ceramic and metallic materials for maximum durability and stopping power in all types of conditions

Slightly noisy when wet

Recommended for:

  • E-Bikes
  • Steep terrain/long descents
  • Bike Park


Compatible with:

  • Shimano:
    • XTR-M9120
    • XT-M8120
    • XT-M8020
    • SLX-M7120
    • DEORE-M6120
    • SAINT-M820
    • ZEE-M640
    • BR-MT520
    • BR-MT420
  • TRP: 
    • Quadiem
    • Slate

Not compatible with resin only rotors

Sold per pair

Made in Taiwan

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tahj Gayle
Awesome Pads

Had the Shimano 4 piston resin pads in and swapped them for these. These pads BITE. They have amazing stopping power and are great value. No complaints at all.

Edgardo Martinez
Best value/performance out there!

I was hesitant to buy them the first time, but after trying them out I've kept buying them for the trail and dh bikes. Super happy with the pads every time. Also it takes a couple of days to be delivered to Fernie, BC

Alex B
Good power, quick bed-in

I couldn't figure out why the used Zee brake set with "known good" pads that I bought sucked so much, and were SO loud. I baked the pads, and got a week of decent (but not exceptional) power out of them, and then they got worse again. Swapped the new pads in and wiped down the rotors, and the difference was immediately apparent. Bedded them in very briefly, and went for a ride. 10 or 15 minutes of riding bedded them in the rest of the way, and wow, what a difference. FINALLY, the power I was expecting from these brakes! (Nice and quiet, too, though I haven't gotten them super hot yet.)

Seem good but sound is super annoying

I bought a few pairs of these last season when I couldn't find any shimano 4 piston pads that I typically use. I built up a new bike and due to supply chain issues I could only find Commencal brake rotors (which are the same as Galfer Wave rotors). Braking performance is nice with the Basic Bike Co pads...but the sound under heavy braking is pretty bad. Once I get to a certain speed and brake, I get this fairly loud "farting" sound from my front brake. It almost sounds like a motorcycle engine and it stops immediately as soon as I let off the front brake. My riding buddies behind me can hear it too. Not sure if this is because the Galfer rotors or the pads themselves. I'm going to try a set of legit Shimano or Galfer pads to compare and will update here if there's a difference.

Simon Warren
Great pads

I haven’t tried the ‘Bike Park’ compound yet, but the “Race” compound is great so I bought a couple of sets of these to try